02 – mission

Driving a new paradigm in business systems' design

Our mission is to marry distributed systems theories and decentralized systems' design philosophies with real world applications.

In doing so, specifically in the field of business systems, we hope to give small-medium size enterprises access to tools that will not only reduce their cost of doing business through automation but also give them the best chance against their larger competitors.

03 – Product

Decentralized, automated and resource-efficient Enterprise Management System.

We start our mission by designing and building a very modular and easily extendable Enterprise Management System(EMS) powered by Smart Contracts deployed on the blockchain.

The EMS is a collection of independent modules such as Identity, Know-your-Client(KYC), Company Administration and Business Management that come together to securely and reliable automate business processes from start to end.

The EMS will also be a first-of-its-kind transactional-audit-free business system. Current business systems are secured by periodical audits on system and its transactions to ensure compliance to business rules and policies. However in our systems' design an audit is only required on change of the system and not on a transactional basis thus significantly reducing the cost of running such a system. Underpinning this assertion is our proof-of-process framework.

04 – Technology

Building blocks for any enterprise-grade blockchain application

Following in the footsteps of well respected Tech giants, we do not just build the perfect product but we build it as perfectly as possible.

Certain deliberate design features of our system such as technology and data structure abstraction along with our modular application design, have created new business opportunities in licensing parts of our stack such as the Identity module to other companies or projects.

In all, a good product is like a single cylinder engine but great technology can be a V12 revenue beast.

05 – Business

Opportunities for the organized are always abundant

While we are confident of our core product, the Enterprise Management System, we also cannot ignore other opportunities that present themselves.

From time to time we are asked to build custom blockchain applications, consult on systems design and implementation or simply to train developers.

The beauty of these engagements is not only do they pay our bills but they also motivate us to further our research into distributed systems and applications. Sometimes, consulting engagements also serve as natural business development opportunities for companies seeking to license part of our stack.

Even training of developers is a means for us to document our learnings and improve our training material.

06 – Team


We also only hire friends. You can choose to be one before or after joining us.

Collectively we have expertise in technology, investment finance, accounting and board games.

Mano Thanabalan

Chief Technology Officer

Sarah Rodrigues

Chief Operating Officer

Nant Ei Phyo Thet

Head of Engineering

Shin Thant Khin

Head of Operations

Hein Htet Zaw

Software Engineer and Team Leader

Win Linaung

Software Engineer


Software Engineer

Aung Kyaw Thura

Software Engineer

Aung Sann Phyo

Software Engineer

Kaung Zaw

Software Engineer

Thet Tun Kyaw

Software Engineer

May Mon

Software Engineer

Ryan Myat

UI/UX Engineer

May Khaing

Client Ambassador

07 – Contact

Get in touch

Need us or just want to join our next board game night, send us a message!